Uniting cultures.

Uniendo culturas. - La Bikineria

We came from our country, Argentina , in search of adventure and a new experience. What we do not imagine is that this place would be the base of a great dream for us: "The Bikineria" .

We started 10 years ago with a small, low-income, homemade project: a rope with bikinis hanging in a beach club with an ocean view. At that moment we knew we wanted to achieve more, what we still did not know was that the universe had something immense in store for us.
As the years went by, all that love and desire materialized so that we are what we are today, all this wish come true was not possible by ourselves to get there, we needed to complement ourselves with an extremely primordial and important factor, local people.

Our beloved Mexico embraced us as a country, welcomed us and gave us the right people at the right time to be our co-pilots throughout this journey of freshness and sensuality.

Today the store grows more and more, always maintaining as a pillar the intercultural relationship not only of those of us who belong to the work team but also to you, our clients and friends of the store who help us so that all this love reaches every corner of the world. world.


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